a live, interactive puppetry-of-the-absurd Sitcom


A Concern Of Some Kind is a wonderfully odd, puppetry-of-the-absurd sitcom, set in a college laboratory class. The show is performed before a live studio audience, with some members offered to be outfitted in lab coats. Those willing participants, not unlike medical students, are questioned and encouraged by their Lab Supervisor throughout each episode to provide input that can alter the experiment. A Lab Supervisor who could be described as a puppet channeling the spirit of Brother Theodore.

A Concern Of Some Kind's first season will consist of 7 weekly episodes, premiering June 17th at Furman University's Playhouse. The series will be broadcast live each Saturday night, via a multi-camera studio.

This unique show, spearheaded by Jeff Sumerel, is a collaboration of select, professional artists who share the desire to create original, humorous, provocative works.

One common denominator among these artists is their willingness and tenacity to enter uncharted, unproven territory to produce works that are outside the norm. Vibrant - Invigorating - Bold.

In short, we think there's a deserving audience - statewide and beyond - that will appreciate, as we do, some healthy, thought-provoking laughs and gasps.

We welcome you to join us in the endeavor - as patron, collaborator, advocate, and/or fan.